the Philoglots 

The Philoglots Language Center

The Philoglots has offered French lessons and classes since October 2016. The Center/School began as a French Immersion Preschool Program and was created to offer support for families and everyone in the community who is learning French. Until March 2020, the Center/School offered different programs and employed dedicated part-time employees.  In August 2020, the Philoglots has closed its location permanently due to COVID-19.  Madame Josée, who created "The Philoglots" now offers private lessons and online classes, school sites and daycares.


"The Philoglots” is a made-up word! 

It describes a group of people who likes to get together for a common interest; 

the love of languages.

“Philo” is the Greek root for “the love of” and

“Glot” is the Greek root for “tongue, language or using a language”.

Are you a PHILOGLOT?

 Josée Savard Schumer

Native French Speaker

M.Ed in Second Languages